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Modified VICE and tcpser files

NEW: *19-Jun-2006* The userport code has been fixed in VICE, and now supports the ip232 extensions :)
Name                 Size     Description

cygwin1.dll 1.7M Version 1.5.19, for use with tcpser on Windows 87k tcpser with ip232 modifications: source and compiled Windows executable x64.exe 1.5M Compiled WinVICE 1.19 C64 emulator with ip232 modifications *19-Jun-2006* x128.exe 1.7M Compiled WinVICE 1.19 C128 emulator with ip232 modifications *19-Jun-2006* novaterm.d81 800k Disk image with Novaterm 9.6c pre-configured for SwiftLink

Source files for modified WinVICE 1.19

Replace the corresponding files in the VICE source tree.
Name                 Size     Description

aciacore.c 14k src/aciacore.c *19-Jun-2006* c64memsnapshot.c 8k src/c64/c64memsnapshot.c ciacore.c 48k src/core/ciacore.c *19-Jun-2006* rs232.c 7k src/arch/win32/rs232.c rsuser.c 13k src/rs232drv/rsuser.c *19-Jun-2006*


tcpser was created by Jim Brain. The only thing new I've added is the ip232 support.

Please note that I've only tested these modfications on a MS Windows-based system.

The tcpser modifications should run on other systems since it was cross-platform to begin with. However, the source files are all in DOS (CR/LF) format... sorry :)

I don't know if the VICE modifications will work across multiple platforms. I don't have any way to test it at the moment.

To use the compiled version of WinVICE, just replace the x64.exe file in your current WinVICE-1.19 directory with the version above.

Quick tutorial

You'll need to download tcpser-1.0rc11, and either use the included compiled executable, or compile it yourself.

You'll also need to either download the compiled x64.exe or download the replacement source files and compile it yourself. The complete source is available at

First, start the new version of tcpser with something like the following command line:

tcpser -v 25232 -s 38400 -p 6400 -l 4

This will set up an ip232 port at 25232 (more on this later), report speeds as 38400bps, and listen for connections on port 6400. It also sets up level 4 logging, which I find to be the most helpful for monitoring the current status.

Next, start up the modified version of VICE, and configure RS232 device 1 with the ip address and ip232 port of the system running tcpser. For example, if you are running tcpser on your local system and its IP address is, then you would use (this is why you ran tcpser using -v 25232). In WinVICE, you access these via Settings -> RS232 settings...

In VICE, enable the ACIA device and configure it to use RS232 device 1. The default recommended ACIA interrupt mode is NMI. In WinVICE, you access this via Settings -> Cartridge I/O settings -> ACIA settings...

Save your VICE configuration, and then reset the emulator for good measure.

Now boot your favorite SwiftLink compatible software and configure it for a SwiftLink at address $DE00. Novaterm v9.6c works well. In fact, you can download the above .d81 image which contains novaterm pre-configured for SwiftLink. Just attach the disk image and do the standard...

LOAD "*",8,1